Below are the Speaker Series Webinar and Audio Links from the NALA.

Social Media is an Inside Job (01/30/13)

Nearly two-thirds of small businesses (66%)  spent more time on social media marketing in 2012 than they did the year prior – according to a survey fromVerticalResponse.  

Among the small businesses surveyed, 43% dedicate six or more hours per week to social media marketing, 25% spend 6-10 hours per week, and 7% spend 20+ hours a week on social marketing.

  • But what are they doing?
  • How are they doing it? 
  • What’s working? What’s not?

Elaine Gantz Wright, marketing consultant and writer, will help you demystify, define, and decode the daunting marketing media frontier – and give you powerful, new social skills! You’ll learn:

  • What social media can do -- and what it can’t
  • Marketing strategy is fundamental
  • How to create effective marketing from the inside out
  • You already have all the content you could ever need
  •  How to handle the surprises

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35 Questions To Consider When Starting A Business (09/12/12)

Many people aspire to run their own business. If you are one of those who dream, ask yourself these important questions. Your answers will help you determine if you are ready to become an entrepreneur or small business owner or whether you need to spend more time in preparing for the magical day.

Peter Scott

Peter Scott

A professor of practice in entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises at Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University.

Scott comes to Syracuse from Ann Arbor, Mich., where he is director and board advisor to Estrakon Inc., an in-store marketing company dealing with LED technology, and a business development consultant at Blue Newt, a visualization software company.

His previous experience includes advising 15 new Ann Arbor-based technology start-ups in strategy, marketing/sales, finance and fundraising through his position with Noble Consulting.

These companies have been in varying markets from solar, to wind turbines, fuel injection, mechatronics, RFIDs, consumer products, and medical devices.

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Getting Exposure in Your Local Community (08/22/12)

For this webinar, our Peer Experts, Jared Saunders and Whit Nelson (owners and entrepreneurs), will be presenting on Getting Exposure in Your Local Community.

  • Creating interesting & emotional partnerships & events in your community that are PR worthy.
  • Blurring the line between your customers' virtual and physical shopping experience.
  • Leveraging online tools to solve your customers real-life needs (even small ones).

brew camp

Brew Camp is Chicago’s local homebrew general store, built by long-time homebrewers and recovering web developers Jared Saunders and Whit Nelson.  Our team of Brew Camp counselors teach you how to brew beer, wine and soda at home with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. 


If we can do-it-ourselves, we do … from our online Recipe Builder and home-brewed Point of Sale system, to our bike-powered grain mill and our vintage printing press.  We set out to build the shop we want to shop at. Come Shop With Us.

Social Media and Your Business' Future (06/14/11)

Eric Swayne is Director of Social Analytics at MARC Research , a pub­lished author in mar­ket­ing and busi­ness, award-winning front-end devel­oper and guest blog­ger for AdAge. He pro­vides strate­gic think­ing in all forms of dig­i­tal media, as well as frame­works that lever­age these chan­nels to gain deeper insight from and rela­tion­ship with con­sumers.

Eric graduated from Harding University with a BA in Communication Management, and lives in Denton, TX with his wife and two children. Eric is pas­sion­ate about holis­tic online mar­ket­ing, Tweet­Deck, Google Chrome, Star­craft and orig­i­nal recipe Dr Pepper.

the NALA - Social Media and Your Business' Future - 06142011

Smart Small Business Financing for a Secure Future (03/29/11)

Craig Coleman, CEO and co-founder of ForwardLine, a provider of working capital financing and payment card processing services to thousands of small businesses nationwide. Listen Here!

Taxes (12/9/10)

Michael S. Fredlender, nationally recognized tax expert provided NALA members with tips and answered their questions about reducing 2010 taxes. Listen Here!