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What is a Press Release?

A press release (or news release) is a communication directed to the press and public for the purpose of announcing information. A press release increases the overall visibility for a business and increases online search visibility allowing a business’ website to be easily located.

Press releases can generate buzz about your small business, products or services. If a website, news site, or a blogger links to your website it indicates to search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! that your site has some useful or relevant content which results in a positive effect in search engines.

When a potential customer is searching information related to your business, and uses a search engine, the NALA press release distributed has a greater chance of placing your message in front of your geo targeted audience and potentially impacting your bottom line.

How it works.
  • the NALA gathers information from you, the local business owner.
  • the NALA creates a press release for you and you control final approval of all contents of the press release.
  • Your NALA press release is distributed to a variety of geo-targeted media outlets and websites.
  • Your NALA press release is optimized for search engines and available with click thru capability to your website or to your webpage on the NALA Business Directory.
  • Your geo targeted audience sees your release.
  • Journalists can include your press release on your local television, radio stations, newspapers and magazines.

Once a Press Release is written, where does it go?

the NALA’s press release team distributes your press release to geo targeted media outlets. These outlets include: newspapers, magazines, websites, radio and news programs. Your NALA press release will be posted on the NALA news site. Your NALA press release can be picked up within hours of being released. Your press release will continue over weeks and possibly months depending on the media outlets, such as magazines.

the NALA’s press release team will work with you to tell your story.

As a small business owner, you too have something to say!
Some ideas on how to get you started:
  • Do you have an anniversary approaching?
  • Has your company reached a milestone?
  • Have you been the recipient of an award or a special achievement?
  • Are you offering any upcoming seminars or classes to the community?
  • Do you participate in a local charity or have a volunteer program?
  • Will you be launching a new product or service?
  • Are you planning a discount to your current patrons or have a special offer for new customers?