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 Branding / Marketing/ Advertising
Does a full service agreement better fit your current organizational needs? the NALA fits the needs of our local industry leaders … from small business to big business.

In today’s world, the right “Building Blocks” to achieve the goals of effectiveness, excellence and success are in high demand.
How can the Marketing Manager help you?
The Marketing Manager is a real live human being who provides personalized assistance in designing and implementing a complete marketing strategy for your business. The Marketing Manager is here to support, communicate, troubleshoot, and provide marketing expertise.  Listed below are just some of the ways the Marketing Manager can assist and support Clients of the NALA family:

Communicate: We communicate with our Clients on a regular basis. Our close relationship affords us the opportunity to share with you our expertise and assist in offering fresh ideas for new sales opportunities.

Support: We provide support to all of our Clients in the form of emails, phone calls, Issue Tracking System, Online Client Resources and training sessions. Troubleshoot: We track all of our Client’s issues, look for repeat problems, use best practices and find solutions by testing, training, trial and error and sometimes rely on the web for content. 

Marketing Expertise: The marketing side of our business is very important because a proven successful marketing campaign carries a whole lot more weight than trying to sell a service with no examples to show.  the NALA’s unique components and complete marketing program are the building blocks to your success.

No matter what size your business is,

    the NALA has a plan custom tailored to your needs which includes:

Marketing Plan

Create customized marketing plans and strategic objective scorecards that when used together, have a major impact on your business,

Video Commercial

With the broad selection of commercial videos, your Marketing Manager gives you the ability to alter your original selection of videos on a monthly or quarterly basis and even change the custom messaging at the end of your video.


Your Marketing Manager can manage your personalized database of customer email and text addresses. This assistance also includes programming and setting up your message templates and monitor the launch of any of your messaging campaigns. This feature still allows you, the Client, complete access to do-it-yourself AND have the comfort and convenience to delegate to your NALA Assistant.

Business Directory

Your Marketing Manager will take your webpage and enhance it with a “printable” coupon feature and add your business message in a special text area. They can also embed your customer sign-up page to build your audience for the Multi-Messaging feature. (click here for sample of web page with these enhancements).

Coupons & Offers

Clients may use the Coupons & Offers component to create, distribute and manage one or a multitude of special offers, deals and promotions to loyal and special customers. NALA Client Coupons & Offers are displayed in various locations through the NALA including but not limited to the NALA Business Directory.

Other Client services include:
the NALA News: We regularly publish an interactive newsletter to all of our Clients that contains a chosen benefit spotlight, a feature story, promotional ideas and much, much more!
Regular Reporting: Along with everything else we do, we also create and supply customized reports to each of our Client derived from our internal reporting system.