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Miles Against Melanoma is a non-profit devoted to funding skin cancer research, educating the public, and assisting families devastated by the effects of melanoma. The goals of this non-profit are to increase awareness of malignant melanoma and skin cancer through education, advocacy and research and to advocate for detection and skin examinations, in which they will help people find dermatologists in their area. They want to ease the burden and to provide support for melanoma patients, caregivers and medical professionals through financial aid, to aid in providing support to those with melanoma and to ultimately find a cure for melanoma.

Amy Jo Ross Robinson was first diagnosed with melanoma when she was just a junior in high school, after a biopsy was performed on a mole she had removed. She had surgery to remove the lymph nodes from the surrounding area and she was in remission for over 10 years until it came back in her lungs and eventually took her life. Amy was only 30 years old when she died. Miles Against Melanoma NC is dedicated to raising the public's awareness of melanoma and raising funds for research so no one else will have to suffer like Amy.

Amalyn Gerard
Founder of Miles Against Melanoma, Miles Against Melanoma 5K